Sunday, 28 November 2010

Midna Papercraft (rebuild)

Since my friend also likes Twilight Princess a lot, I decided to make her a papercraft of Midna, one of her favourite characters. To make it sturdier and harder to bend out of shape, I filled the arms and legs with hot glue and the body and head with layers of hot glue and PVA+water soaked kitchen towels. It really works, because I've dropped it a few times and, even though it's pretty heavy, it hasn't dented at all :)

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Whoa... long time no see.

... Sorry for no posts.


I guess I sorta... forgot. And I've been soaked up in DeviantART. :/

Aaaanyway, I made these Burtonesque earrings out of aluminium wire and glass beads; hot glue wasn't enough to hold them together, so I just used superglue. I was mostly inspired by Beetlejuice's pinstriped suit, and Tim's fondness for black and white striped things.

 Since the wire is so soft, you can bend it into all sorts of shapes.

 If you bend it too much though, the glue at the end of the wire goes under too much pressure and the whole thing just pops. I'll try to fix it soon... :)