Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Oops... should've made that three weeks. Anyway, got back from Oahu yesterday and in LAX  right now! Hawai'i was amazing; we even went to the summit of Mauna Kea, that's over 13,800 feet (4206 metres) !!!
I was feeling pretty woozy cause of the lack of air and I took a laughing fit in the car for no reason whatsoever :P

Boarding the plane to London in about 3 hours time, gonna be on the plane 10 and a half hours :( At least I have my iPod and my DSi to entertain me ;D

The time difference between LA and Britain is 8 hours, so it means that I'm leaving at 5:35 LA time and arriving in London 12 :00 British time. Plus another 1 and a half hours on the plane, waiting for luggage ( if only you knew how slow BA is) and the taxi back home, I'll only get home at about three, maybe four.

The food here is yummy, bye!

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  1. Well, how was your trip? I hope you enjoyed it!


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